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The Tippet Boss


Finally, there is a better way to manage leader material: The Tippet Boss! (U.S. Patent  9,010,676).

Simple, compact and totally functional, The Tippet Boss allows instant access to the precise length and diameter of the leader material you require.

Very cool … Very Easy!

The Tippet Boss is easily stored anywhere!  Whether in a shirt pocket, vest pocket, waders or gear bag, The Tippet Boss hides until you need it without adding bulk. As an option, choose the fabric mounted side plate or the standard, 550 lb. test lanyard.  See for yourself how The Tippet Boss can make your day on the water even more enjoyable.  

The Tippet Boss Advantage!

Quick and Compact… Leader material, normally carried on individual spools, is instantly available from the palm-sized Boss. With the Shark Tooth cutter band in place, cutting a tippet section takes only 5 seconds, and The Tippet Boss offers The Ultimate in Portability: Tie directly, or store your pre-tied, knotless, braided or furled leaders on one spool, and still have adequate capacity for tippet material on the others! The versatility of The Tippet Boss is unmatched.

Economical… By purchasing larger, bulk spools, you can “Roll your Own” leader wheels, and The Boss pays for itself on the next fill-up!  Share the cost with a friend or two, and The Tippet Boss Pays for itself  the first time you use it.  Guides and competitive fishermen love The Boss, as do most who have tried it. It just makes sense!

Environmentally Friendly… Fewer tippet spools reduce waste worldwide… and The Tippet Boss spools are  standardized and re-useable. Choose Pre-loaded spools, returnable for a refund, and free up more of your time while further reducing waste!

This is not a cheap gimmick item, but a functional, durable tool for the serious fly fisherman.  Made in The U.S.A. 

More Options… Use The Tippet Boss for more than one type of leader material… Hard or Soft Nylon for butt sections and tippets… or Fluorocarbon… without having to carry a multitude of spools from different manufacturers. With The Tippet Boss, spools are standardized to fit the side plates and held securely by the fail-proof, patented,  quick-release locking pins. Available from stock in 4 spool through 12 spool models with color-coded bands. Other sizes are also available, priced upon application, and currently offered are pre-loaded spools of leader Material, each with included, color-coded Shark Tooth cutter band.



Remember… When you need a leader, Insist on The Boss!                                                                                                  

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